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Brett Jackson, CEO, CyrenBrett Jackson, CEO
While the world is still battling against the novel coronavirus COVID-19, many companies are increasingly facing the wrath of new forms of cyberattacks. Latest reports suggest that COVID-19-related phishing attacks have increased by a whopping 600 percent in the last two months. One of the reasons for this surge is the abundant phishing campaigns that are taking advantage of the heightened focus on the pandemic. The intent behind these campaigns is to steal credentials and scam users.

Virginia-based firm Cyren is on a mission to build the strongest internet security for the cloud era. Cyren is turning the tables for companies with its revolutionary Internet security services backed by extensive cloud intelligence. The company is overcoming the limitations imposed by appliances to eliminate the window of exposure and keep organizations immune from nextgeneration cyber threats. The ability to deliver the fastest protection available in the market has earned the company top clientele that includes tech giants. What differentiates Cyren is its ability to provide a holistic view of massive amounts of threat data and automatically transform the data into actionable insights using machine learning. Such capabilities help its clients identify and block threats quickly.

The company’s services include Inbox Security for Office 365, Threat InDepth, Threat Explorer, and F-Prot. Cyren Inbox Security enables a continuous, adaptive, and automated layer of security in the user mailbox to prevent any phishing or other fraud attack. As a native cloud service, Inbox Security detects threats that evade email gateways and takes effective measures to combat them to protect critical information. Cyren’s threat intelligence service, Threat InDepth, offers a comprehensive, multi-dimensional exhibition of critical threats such as phishing and fraud, malware, and IP Reputation.

Cyren is on a mission to build the strongest internet security for the cloud era

Using APIs, the Threat InDepth tool extracts URLs from web and email traffic, classifies and analyses the URLs, and informs threat hunters on what may be hiding in plain sight—all in a matter of seconds. Besides, Cyren provides GlobalView, a bi-directional flow of threat data. It ingests data from threat engines and pushes analyzed data back to clients via Cyren APIs and enterprise SaaS applications.

Threat Explorer is yet another effective threat detection service that tracks malicious files using real-time analysis of executable files, documents, and more. Threat Explorer provides an API interface for submitting nearly any object for analysis, using multiple analysis engines to provide accurate results faster. Likewise, Cyren’s F-Prot is an antivirus service that provides advanced protection for home users as well as corporates.

Cyren is backed by a team of highly trained and seasoned experts. These experts play a crucial role in combining human insights with machine analytics to detect and prevent threats.

The plethora of services offered by Cyren has proved to be beneficial for many companies across the globe. For instance, Inbox Security service has been seamlessly addressing the escalating business risk caused by evasive phishing, business email compromise (BEC), and other emailborne threats faced by companies using Microsoft 365, specifically during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Interestingly, Inbox Security is a supplementary email security service that completely integrates within Microsoft 365. It is the first service of its kind to combine continuous email monitoring and threat detection with automated response and remediation for all inboxes in a company.

Backed by its innovative services, Cyren continues to follow its mission of protecting businesses from falling prey to online attacks.
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